Dude and babes must die

The Plot
Sincere teen cutie Rhea (Shraddha Kapoor) finds out her billionaire boyfriend Luv (Taaha Shah) is planning to deflower her and make a sex tape to get points in a rich boys’ contest. (Did anyone say frat party?) Rhea and friends plan revenge. What’s a little John Tucker Must Die between friends? Especially 13-year-old friends.

+3 For the stop-motion fun in the opening credits. Watch those T-shirts.

+7 For the most accurate war for teengirl-speak in years. Thank you, director Bumpy. Umm... minus three for same. People have to stop saying dude, woah, babes, chill. And Bumpy.

-2 For the queen bees. Those who customarily haunt corridors of filmi schools/colleges, have to stop channelling Mean Girls now.

+5 For Archana Puran Singh’s wannabe-cool mom entrance. She’s still got her fingernail scratching a blackboard quality to her voice.

+5 For Rhea’s mother’s accurate stuck-but-stoic-between-generations character. Lots of mums nodding right now.

-10 For ‘don’t lose it in the backseat of a car’ and other 30 paisa xerox copy dialogue.

+7 For the ‘enter password and da, it’s Karthik’ sequence. On such slender pleasures are our geek lives made.

-10 For laxatives and itching powder for revenge. Plus five for a car smashing the girliness of which has only been surpassed by the models’ petrol fight in Zoolander.

+6 Because Rhea smiles and bawls like a teenager. She looks so pretty when she says, “I will have your balls.” No points for boyfriend Luv because we have already forgotten what he looks like.

+2 For jugs (Pushtie S). “Come on Rhea, 50 percent India aise sadak pe sota hai.” In her abrasive fat girl role, she has many good lines.

-5 For the climatic scene for making us think of the sins of the fathers — someone threatening Shakti Kapoor’s daughter with rape. And a fake accent. Plus five for her unceasing glare and self-rescue.

+5 For film ka the end because every teenage girl must make out with Ali Zafar.


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