Be Cool

There are some writers that you always associate with the person who first introduced you to them. When I read Elmore Leonard I always think of Bent. He lent me all the Elmore Leonards I first read. When I saw this I knew he would love it.

This book is catnip for any Elmore Leonard fan. For non-fans too I suspect the book would drip with cool. Leonard's laconic prose is stripped to maxims and is illustrated by Joe Ciardiello. Ciardiello's work, particularly his illustrations are great fun. I was looking for more work by Ciardiello and stumbled across his work in an exhibition of major American illustrators. In You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby you can see some hilarious self-portraits by legendary artists depicting themselves at some point between birth and puberty.

Joe Ciardiello

Jim Bennett

Teresa Fasolino


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