Second-hand Bookshops


1. Your best bet is Daryaganj's Sunday book market. Buy all your best sellers and genre fiction from the guys who are selling everything for Rs 20 or Rs 10. Save the rest of your money for the seriously good buys. Though Daryaganj booksellers are not the experts that the old Flora Fountain guys were, some of the sellers are beginning to display some panache and acquire collections with a common subject or style. Bargain everywhere. Strangely the line of booksellers outside Broadway Hotel seem to have books in better condition and more importantly, more unusual books. Don't take impatient friends with you. This is a slow process. In the summer go there in the afternoon, after 3 and carry a bottle of water. Even for a dedicated book-buyer the mornings can be nasty.

How to get there: Take the metro to Chawdi Bazaar. Take a rickshaw to Golcha cinema.

(This is an ongoing project. Will add more bookshops in a bit.


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