Eastward ho.... um.... you know

Yesterday watched Rock on and Padre Nuestra one after the other. Should have watched in reverse order. Rock on was as slick as (to borrow Spellcheck's phrase) as a used condom falling into an oil slick but also silly in bits. I mean Zahreela, Neela, Peela... lyrics from a 90s Bangalore rocker? Sorry Saar! Farhan Akhtar's character brought to mind some lively S&M possibilities (imagine what ang lee would have done with him) but the most sexy thing on screen was Shahana Goswami.

Is it just me or were the level of attention to interiors and costume just distracting after a point. Particularly in Aditya and Sakshi's home where I was convinced I saw a menhir that Obelix had lost. And a loft? In Mumbai? A loft? And why werent ten families squatting that basement? Sorry to become annoying realismvangelist... i am not usually... but something about those interiors....

Padre Nuestro
was a super depressing, but enjoyable Mexican film. It's coming to the PVRs so you should be able to catch it. Great pace and full of surprises. It was a little too neat in its plotting... but nevertheless interesting.

Okay! So off to Guwahati. Manipuri colleague said (while laughing!) that the place I was going to stay in (in Imphal) has been bombed. Jolly. So much easier to sit in Delhi writing rubbish. Guwahati of course is a very different game. It has Coffee Day. Pappu asks why people dont bomb Coffee Days instead. Oy!


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