Lust, Caution

You know all those times when you read that someone had stripped for a movie because the sex was integral to the script, and you giggled? I defy you to giggle after watching Lust, Caution. The movie is very pretty but comes to life during the ten minutes of sex between the young spy (Tang Wei) and the evil traitor (Tony Leung). The sex is beautiful, painful, clumsy, acrobatic, arousing and also the ten most insightful minutes about the two protagonists.

Tony Leung is so attractive (in the true sense of the word) you wait through the movie for any sign of humanity. And when it comes, in bed, you are so deeply grateful.

This weekend I rewatched Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility. Again, a neat pretty movie, perfectly cast, with the most perfect five minutes when all the neatness and prettiness falls apart. Its so satisfying to watch Fanny Dashwood screech and leap across the table to grab Lucy Steele's nose.


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