So I finally was persuaded to give ebooks a shot and i may be on my way to being converted. On Wednesday I spent the whole day in bed reading books on my laptop. It was disconcerting to open microsoft reader and see that the library on my laptop already contained books with titles such as Interstellar Service and Discipline. (You are reading this, Certain Person, I know you are! Next time, warn me that you have left behind android porn on my laptop) After choking a bit, I started on the books I had downloaded. There is actually a murder mystery for every mood. Australian aborginal,Chicago gay, countryhouse parody, hardboiled futuristic, frilly with spandex, welsh priests... academic murder mysteries are dime a dozen now. I was in the mood for a bookish murder and was disappointed to not find Joanne Dobson (working class professor in snooty New England college keeps stumbling on bodies) online but I did find the first of the Dido Hoare series by Marianne Moore. Dido runs an antiquarian bookshop, has a father called Barnabas and a policeman lover. Only he is a wee bit married. Very nice.

I have also started reading the Thursday Next series. Comic detective fiction in a parallel dimension Britain where books are immensely important. Thursday next, our heroine, is a detective in the squad in charge of literature-related crimes (arguments about Shakespeare sometimes lead to murders). She has a pet dodo called Pickwick and in the first book, The Eyre Affair, somehow ends up inside Jane Eyre. It is beautifully loony and set in a world where Wales is a socialist republic and genetic engineering is really common.

Meanwhile has anyone caught sight of this insane goth-girl version of Jane Eyre, the illustrated version by *cough* Dame Darcy? It looks fascinating.

Once you get past the name, her illustrations are rather fun. Here is something nice called Dolls do Heroin. Not from Jane Eyre!


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