Maximum love

Jyoti Basu, Constructed to Destruct, 2004

Today I enquired whether I could be transferred to Mumbai and I was told that it was possible. Happy. Happy. Happy. All of last week was such wonderful fun. Mumbai is always perfect for me but it never gets better than January in Mumbai. L was like a girl with a new toy. She who has been everywhere and done everything, loved Mumbai so much and so volubly that I felt it was a compliment to me. We ate, walked about, hopped in and out of taxis as if it were a caper movie. One evening Dippy Diplomat, baby and husband drove us across Mumbai to a gallery in Mazgaon. We drove 2 hours for a 20 minute sojourn at a crazy gallery. Crazy-full of Mallus of every shape, size and colour. L and I reeled, recovered and giggled uncontrollably. Then we jumped into another cab and drove to Churchgate to eat croissants.

I want to move now.

In other news I found the Subodh Gupta piece that ARoy was talking about when I interviewed her about male sex appeal. Alright then.


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