Quizzers anonymous

There I have come out and said it. I used to do it. I am not ashamed. I dont do it anymore but one still thinks of oneself as reasonably well-informed in things that no one else is interested. Then Spellcheck comes along and I feel like a kayak in the Sahara.

Some months ago, he was excited that Piratebay wanted to buy Sealand and I said "Sealand what?" I was sent to the corner with wikipedia and discovered Sealand was a bizarre micronation on top of two hollow towers six miles from the coast of Suffolk.

Today I asked him how he was and he said, "Meh." Of course I said 'Eh?" and then rhymed on for a small bit. I was confronted with an indulgent laugh and sent to the corner with wikipedia again. In the meanwhile since I could I googled madly and found a Guardian piece on Meh

Of course Spellcheck was a quizzer too.


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