Passportout's Patent Portable Presser

Right, so Bangalore has new massively ugly hideous passport office in Koramangala. I drag Bent and trudge there and complain about feeling sick every step of the way just in case he felt being companion to an invalid was an easy job. (Can you tell that I just finished reading five Georgette Heyers and Claire Tomalin's gorgeous biography of Jane Austen?)

I am astonished by the hideousness for a few minutes. Then we walk into the building and of course we are stopped by large cop with a turn for irony. He says, "What am I sitting here for? You cant just wander in." So I squint at him and ask him for passport application forms and he says that no the application forms are not available in the massive hideous building. For the forms we need to go to the wooden shack at the back of the compound which is the TEA SHOP. mmmm.


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