Varun Gandhi's alternative career

Bent points out that Varun Gandhi's raconteuring style bears a marked resemblance to that of several campy young men we know. Excerpts from Outlook's interview with a man who has clearly missed his vocation as talk show host:

  • He quickly came up with a collection of funny stories about BJP leaders. He looked down on most of them, and after attending his first BJP national executive in Chennai, he vividly described the actions of a famous saffron sadhvi as "jumping up and down at the meeting". His punchline: "I think she suffers from ASS—attention deficiency disorder."On another occasion, he claimed to have inside knowledge of a visit former home minister Shivraj Patil made to Atal Behari Vajpayee’s residence. Vajpayee apparently did not recognise Patil and kept referring to him as Gulzar, the poet-lyricist.
  • The huge Sikh population that supported her has also apparently turned against Varun for referring to the community as "killers of my dadi."


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