The Literary Dick

Ok I hate Story # 5. 

7000 words down and it sucks like a vacuum cleaner. I am rapidly considering a career in something more rewarding like camel-jockeying.

Meanwhile people are doing fun things elsewhere. Meet Jonathan Ames, the Literary Dick (as in private detective, he adds)

Was Elizabeth Bishop the model for Lakey in Mary McCarthy's The Group?

Did Proust really masturbate while watching rats kill and eat one another?

Who toilet-trained Tarzan?

After Dickens married his wife (Miss Hogarth) he embarked on a long and unhealthy fascination with her younger, prettier sister. Critics were divided on whether he ever sealed the deal or remained a dirty lecherous brother in law type. What is the truth?

Ames is an all-round fun guy who once answered these questions to the best of his abilities. The blog is no longer updated but do go say hello.


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