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I am off to Lucknow again for a couple of days. After working on the Jaipur package for the magazine I don't think I have the energy to post stories here though stories there were many. 

I have a question. If you could have a literary festival made to order for you, what would you have? Not just who, but what kind of events would you have? How many days would it last? Tell all. If you are shy you can mail me but I would be interested in hearing from you.

I leave you with Aditi Machado's deliciously mean compendium on collecting books. Machado is a an HYP (Hot young poet) from Bangalore and this month won the TFA writing award.


Lol @ HYP -- I think I might use it in my next poet's bio. If I can reinvent cool, that is.

If I could have a literary festival made to order, it would firstly have to be organised perfectly. There's no point having all that awesomeness and then making it difficult for people to access.

Ok, details.

People who should read:
Patience Agbabi
Daljit Nagra
Dylan Thomas (He'll make it, won't he?)
Kazuo Ishiguro (I don't know what he sounds like, but I imagine it's clear and beautiful.)
Hmm, I'm only thinking of dead people now. If this was a fantasy thing, then Anais Nin would definitely be on the schedule.

I'd say about a week of this magic, with lots of workshops and one-on-ones. It should be like paying twenty bucks to meet a fortune teller in a tent, except it's George Perec trying to figure out a jigsaw puzzle.

Oh, and I hate it when people guilt you into buying books. There should be a bookstore and/or book displays, and you can buy what you want, but you shouldn't be forced into anything. The last thing I want is a book signed by some person whose reading I yawned through.

Thanks for the plug! : )

January 29, 2009 at 8:08 PM  

AM: thanks for the detailed response:)

February 2, 2009 at 10:20 AM  

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