Fly you tears

Day 8 of mindless processing of Mumbai terror news. Headlines, blurbs, edits, rewrites, intros and crashing QuarkXpress pages. No terror so big, no pang so sharp that writing 60 intros can't cure you of it. My best joke this week is too embarrassing to blog (suffice to say that it involves wedding receptions and Black Cats).

The count of friends looking hawkish around the edges so far: 2

Bouts of inexplicable, crazy behaviour by self (counting 1 whole minute of playing imaginary fiddle in front of all the editors): 4

Sometime around midnight I thought I might start wailing aloud over some security analyst's tradespeak. Only lasted a second though.

Meanwhile if you have not met Saad Akhtar so far now is a good time, a very good time.


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