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I think I've settled in. When Archangel and MP came home suddenly we had to use our brand-new curtains in lieu of bedsheets. Now if anyone comes home I don't know what we will do because the damn things are up there hanging below what (everyone knew this except me) is called pelmets. Pelmets! Really. That is as bad as lanyard, the thing that you use to hang your cell-phone around your neck. If you do, I won't tell I promise. Hang one, or know one by its middle name, I mean.

I still don't have bookshelves but apart from that, it seems we have settled in.

In other news: Tehelka's Hindi website managed by the hot-boy team of Dubey, Bahuguna and Chaurasia has entered Google's Top 10 ranked Hindi sites. No. 7 to be precise. Even for a mugged-essays-about-Holi-to-pass-exam illiterate like me, the snappy, stylish prose is attractive. Look them up.

To the ladies who Ph.d, you know who you are, I'm promising an incentive of a mani-pedi party in Delhi as soon as the damn things are done. The thought of you and me in Amatra pretending to be with it should urge you past this last, lousy, lovely lap.

The woman who inspired the tamest cartoon strip in the world The Family Circus, Thelma Keane died recently. I enjoyed the strip when I was nine, killing summer holidays in rural parts with the assistance of hard-bound collections of every comic strip in the world. But its pure tameness has inspired utter fury and Tourette's syndrome in people (and not just comics loving people) for decades. It has also inspired a lot of parodies. The Dysfunctional Family Circus is rarely funny but the true charmer is the Nietzsche Family Circus which combines Keane's panels full of round, curly-haired children with random Nietzsche quotes.


I want to have a mani-pedi with you!!!!! :-)

Glad you are settling into your new home. Unpacking is way more fun than packing!

June 2, 2008 at 9:07 PM  

come on over then!

June 5, 2008 at 2:07 PM  

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