Monica, Monica

Bent was right. Even this benighted city gets better with a little hanging out, with a little gossip, with a couple of gin-and-tonics. Last night was Night Out for Grown-Ups, It involves a car, a driver, trade-unionists, the Russians I have not read, the Latin Americans I have, sentimentality reined, nostalgia for zipless fucks and a realisation of how nice money is.

Things I have learnt in this new year.

1. I cannot drink rum any more.
2. Running around the Habitat Centre asking where Delhi O Delhi is... almost as fun as getting drunk.
3. Intrepid reporter is not part of my personality or my destiny.
4. The reason you have a relationship is so that you have an arm around you while you are reading in bed.
5. Looking at one stoned little boy on a winter night makes you never want to go out drinking again.
6. At 28 I am still not sure whether my one wish would be to become Nancy Mitford or Monica Belluci.



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