Catching up

Ask me about the Jaipur lit fest and I will tell you. But about the happy discoveries of the recent past...

Thrones, Dominations an incomplete Dorothy Sayers novel! Of course completed by Jill Paton Walsh with wonderful flair. This one begins soon after Harriet Vane marries Peter Wimsey. It fits perfectly into the two short stories that Sayers wrote about the Wimseys. Those are set in the future -- one on the night that Harriet Vane gives birth to a child and another five years later. Both of these stories can be found in Striding Folly.

I cannot deal with small towns. Please don't make me go. Please. When my feet hit the broken pavement of a big city I feel at home. And after Rajasthani men, I found myself thinking longingly of Haryanvi men. I assure you, longingly.


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