Attempt to surface

Once a boy I was seeing told his mother about me. She looked up from whatever she was doing and said, "Virginia Woolf once said,"....when this was recounted to me by the slightly bewildered boy I laughed the whole morning. She said," Virginia Woolf once said, 'Man must look at woman and see a mirror in which he sees himself twice his size to go and make war or business."

This week I feel the need for a mirror which will let me go and make war and business. I have been playing music to this end. The twice my size thing I seem to managing on my own. This morning even the old surefire remedy Joan Osborne's St. Teresa is not working very much. Perhaps seeing the video is the problem. The apron is meant to be ironic but driving me nuts with its naka-ness. This other one seems better.

Norah Jones, Sinking Soon


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