Inviting Personal Histories

I am posting an open invitation for submissions for Tehelka's Personal Histories page. For those of you unfamiliar with the magazine, Personal Histories is a section where people recount or examine a transformative life experience, tell some kind of significant personal story, or express opinions candidly, almost as a sort of public diary. Subjects range from parents, death, marriage, yoga, sex, drugs, violence, work, therapy, assault, travel, friendship, etc. Your piece can grieve, rage, snigger or challenge. It's very open and flexible, and if you're interested, we'd enjoy hearing from you. The word limit is always about 800 words. Please feel free to send us stuff anytime you wish and to pass this information around; we need these every week. They can be emailed to manjula at tehelka dot com. You can find past submissions on the web. If you're interested and have specific questions, please do send me a mail.


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