Bumped into an old man the other day, prof at JNU, friend's ex professor. Disarming mop of hair and smile. Asked me in a hearty manner what I did for a living. I was standing in a lobby waiting for an event to start. I told him that I worked at Tehelka, He asked me whether it was solvent. I was happy to say that it was. He said, "You would be, wouldnt you since you are playing footsie with the BJP?

He continued to say that he knew Tehelka was playing footsie with the BJP since he saw this story about Christian evangelism in India. And the day he read the piece he cancelled his subscription to Tehelka. I am desperately bored by aggressive political discussion( put'em up, put'em up, put those dukes up, mister, put those ideologies up.) I debated saying to him, " You should also resign from an educational institution that throws out students for insisting that workers get paid at least minimum wages.I resisted politely, feeling very much like Coleridge's unwary wedding guest, I stood around smiling until he got bored and went away.


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