djinns and joys

Nine out of ten people I meet ask me what I think of Delhi. This is followed by the "Isnt this city so aggressive?" question and then the "You will turn aggressive too," warning. My squawk that I have no desire to give that sort of mandate to my fangs and claws, is ignored. I try to stay South Indian with repressed rage, not always successfully.

Today, someone moved me hugely. Someone who I first met in a ships-that-pass-in-the-nightish way...someone who I still have no real 'fix' on...chose to make himself vulnerable to me. He chose to tell me what he feels and display hurt and anxiety and a 'will-to-goodwill' despite hurt. I dont know how long I will live in the city and I know that what I enjoy most is the sense of being a stranger in a strange land. But an encounter like today's will make me less strange and less clawed, despite myself.


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