The enemy of your enemy is hilarious

Do you religiously read the blogs of people you dislike, whom you would run away from at a social occasion? I am convinced there ought to be a word for this strange reading habit. Its a bit like reading the Times of India but worse. At least the Times of India has movie timings

A while ago I met one woman at a party...well exchanged glances with...and had a flash of ESP. I knew that second that she had to be the author of a blog I found as repulsive and as compelling as a train wreck. Having seen her I now read the blog even more regularly, I snigger, I laugh, I gape in horror but boy do i read it.

A few months after this, it occurred to me that the blog and the general appallingness of the woman was an identical match for a woman I used to hang out with and her blog. I mean, the same preoccupations and the same adolescent way of thinking through things and the same sparkly sense of humour unfortunately mired in self-pity. Even the same occasional bursts of faux intellectualism. IDENTICAL to the last whine. They were even the same age and did roughly the same kind  of work. And even looked a bit like each other. Only both women lived in different cities and as far as I know, have never met. I began spouting theories of 'Blogs seperated at birth' and raving about a blog kumbh mela.

Today I read a not so recent post in one twin's blog. The post contains contemptuous criticism of  the second woman's blog! At least one is now acquainted with the other's blog.

The deliciousness lies in (for me at least, you folks have better things to do) that her vague irritation at the other woman's opinions is phrased in the same semi-arch manner that her twin would have phrased it.


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