Sanjay Sangvai

Sanjay Sangvai of the NBA passed away yesterday.  He had been an activist for decades and wrote in Marathi, Hindi and English in fiery support of the people's movements he was part of.

He was a kind man. In 2000 I begged him to come and say something to my brain-dead classmates at the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication. He came and sweetly watched boys and girls from all over the country explode in rage when he talked of the NBA and poverty and displacement and how the middle class, they who were sitting in that shady class, were responsible for death and destruction. They screamed at him. They yelled about how some people need to sacrifice. Sanjay just shook his head.

Later I gave him tea and embarrassed apologies but he seemed only amused. I suspect he was used to raging idiots.


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