We've been gilmored

I feel stupidly happy when the Gilmore Girls make a reference to the March of the Penguins. I nearly died when I saw Lorelai Gilmore watching The Daily Show. And yesterday's episode...aaah! It was yet another Friday dinner of the dysfunctional family. All fans will remember the endless tactics Lorelai and Rory have adopted in the past to deflect conversation with the older Gilmores to safe and humane topics. My favourite remains the Season 1 episode when Rory's father Christopher's stuffy parents arrive. When the conversation gets insuffereable, Lorelai announces, apropos of nothing, ' I hate President Bush!'

In this latest episode, Lorelai is browbeating her parents for a change and Rory is the one who wants to put an end to it. To my ever-lasting thrill she yells, "Bangalore! Bangalore! Bangalore!"


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