Adulthood:vastly overrated

If I were a character in a novel I would have realised this week that adulthood is here. I went to IIT yesterday to interview someone and remembered that the last time I was in an IIT hostel was when a lithe young man with big eyes was smuggling me up the stairs into his room.All the way till his room in the hostel with some riverine name he had his warm hand clamped over my mouth because I was giggling from stupidity and sleeplessness. I was wearing his shirt because my clothes had half of Besantnagar beach on it.Yesterday's legitimate entry in magenta salwar kameez with with a respectable inhabitant...most dull.

On the other hand, the isthri lady does not think that my being employed means I need my ironed clothes back. Today I have arrived in sad Sarojini nagar top and the oldest jeans in the world with a Pangea sized hole over my right knee.


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