Writers alert

(Something I got in the mail today)

This is an invitation to submit original short stories and poetry for a
young South Asian writers anthology, to be published by Perera Hussein
Publishing House this year.

*The ground rules:*

- We've chosen to interpret 'young' as being below the age of 30, and South
Asian as of South Asian extraction, regardless of current residence.

- All submissions must be in English

- All stories and poems submitted must be original, and previously

- The word count: keep it under 6,000 words. In addition, every submission
must be a stand-alone narrative.

- This will be an anthology of fictional writing, and within that category
we hope to celebrate a variety of genres, including humour, sci-fi and

- You may submit as many pieces as you wish, as long as they meet these

- Finally, please include a brief introduction, which touches on your age,
location, occupation, previous publications (if any) and interests.

*Extended Deadline: 3* /* 03* / 07

*Submission* :

Complete stories should be sent as word attachments to:
ph.anthology@ gmail.com

*The Small Print:*

Responsibility for the editing, design, production and sale of the book
rests with the Publishers. Copyright for individual pieces will rest with
the respective authors, but rights for the anthology as a whole will rest
with the publishers.


All writers selected will receive a modest fee for their work.

For more information on Perera Hussein Publishing House, check out the

http://www.ph- books.com/


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