Wandering Juice

I have been reading blogs for a couple of years and I have the jaded palate of a descending Roman. Everybody is slick, funny and packing their irony where you can see it. If I read one more love-lorn blog I will gag.And no, I am not dying to read the diaries of people in war-torn countries.

Life is looking up a bit this morning. Tigercub sent me links to his blog and two other family blogs. Tigercub is 2 cms away from being a real live doctor and is embarrassing the establishment by wanting to know how the damn thing works. He comes from a long line of such polite, mild-seeming embarrass-ers. When I used to work for Tigercub's father he looked upon computers with the same affection that John the Baptist had for Salome. This was well-known in the 80 countries which were part of the network he coordinated and perturbed no one who knew him since his energy and tact was also of mythical proportions. Now Tigercub tells me that his parents have a joint blog! Apart from the incredible lives that the Narayans have had and continue to have, they are also shutter-bugs. So definitely worth a read.


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