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This just in from ResoluteReader who is spitting mad and not falling about laughing like I am . Apparently on Friday after the Big Brother controversy, London Paper, one of the free newspapers circulated in Central London did a helpful double page spread to explain to the goras who Shilpa Shetty is. And here is RR reporting live.

And to help their readers they helpfully gave them their names, and the names of the Hollywood actress they are most like! Betraying ignorance on many levels but firstly -forgetting that a significant proporation of their readership is from the Indian region and probably knows the actresses very well and secondly, thinking that the rest of us care. Do you know what the most important factor about these actresses was, according to the feature? How much they are paid per film. We are expected to gasp at the fact that someone earns £200,000 per film but nothing was made of the fact that the "similar" Hollywood actress would have added a zero to the figure.

So according to the paper, Shilpa Shetty is Sandra Bullock, Kajol is Julia Roberts,  Rani Mukherjee is Nicole Kidman. Preity Zinta is Renee Zellweger, Priyanka Chopra is Cameron Diaz. Kareena Kapoor is Drew Barrymore. 

Sample these nuggets of info: "Priyanka Chopa, 24, a model turned actress who has the power to make any man go weak at the knees - she is the Cameron Diaz of the group. More renowned for her stunning looks than her acting ability, Priyanka like Diaz, has landed a number of plum roles in big films because of her beauty."  "A Bollywood pedigree (the Kapoors are one of the biggest acting famillies in India), she's been in the biz from a young age - a Drew Barrymore without the druggie years. But baffingly, the busty beauty regularly gets flooded with offers despite being inconsistent at the box office."  And so it goes on. It's like we're discussing race horses or dogs, fumed RR.

RR wants me to make it very clear that his attitude is one of lip curled cynicism as it befits a good socialist. He does not want his reputation tarnished by the idea that he spend his tube journeys looking at pictures of attractive asian actresses.

Note: I can at least bear witness to his ignorance and general disinterest in anyone but a certain hot socialist.


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