thank you ahmed

Computer repairmen be blessed. hardware problems which can be fixed in three minutes be blessed. I have returned to the land of the living.  

Sixty seconds after i went online i heard virtual hails from around the world. Have not been online for a while and i had almost forgotten about my parallel dimension...One where Ben the australian student of japanese tells me about wooing his sputnik sweetheart and his bonding with his quiet indian room-mate over the Dandi march. I had forgotten the long-lashed, fork-tongued Pakistani man who introduced me to some particularly delicate games and his wicked insistence on being politically incorrect in the heart of White-activistan. And the very very ethically correct new zealander who works on poetry carefully. And my darling Bela -Rus Bengali who from what i hear is hopping continents like a chamois goat.....of these Bela-Rus is the only one i have ever met and that for a month  four years ago. The level of intimacy is shocking after a long while offline. Irritation, wild fights, giggles,flirtation and deep could i have forgotten? Hello...i am back.


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