giving in

I have been resisting this blog thing for a few years. In the beginning I was mostly embarrassed by the sense of Self-Pity with Everything that seemed to be all that was being offered for reading. Then the feeling that if i read friends' blogs they no longer had anything new to tell me when i actually met them. No more funny stories. No more strange insights. No more well-crafted bitchy not-so-asides. Also uncomfortable with the feeling that reading blogs was about some sort of voyeurism because otherwise why do i religiously read the blogs of people i dislike intensely?

But I am giving in. This is May. And this is the month when I give in to Everything. This May is exceptionally one of surrender. Giving in to a few feet of water as I attempt to learn to swim. Giving in to the knowledge that it is time to leave the familiar warming-to-the-toes-irritations of the village.Also, embarrassingly I am giving into the knowledge that I need to write a whole lot more.

So hello blogging. Goodbye innocence.


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